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PLA vs Resin

We offer most of our minis in both PLA and Resin, the more detailed minis are only available in resin.

What is the difference.


  • Much More Affordable
  • Perfect for NPCs and Monsters
  • My require finishing
  • Can be painted
  • Higher Quality
  • Little or no finishing required
  • Great for painting
  • More resilient

Can you paint your minis


Can I print my own minis

Yes. And we encourage the hobby (although it can be a bit addicting). Printers like the Ender 3 and the Qidi pro are available on Amazon.

Do you offer different colors?

To keep costs down we only print in the colors that you see on the site. Most Minis are grey (actual grey may vary) wood items are brown and skeletons are white. We do this so they can be used as soon as they are unboxed.

How do you ship

At this time our minis are shipped via USPS First Class. Our Maps are shipped flat via FedEx.